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Jacqueline Campion

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About Me

I have been childminding for 23 years and love my job. i have lived in my home for 37 years and have raised 4 sons who have left and have families of their own and all live near to me. I have six wonderful grandchildren who visit most weekends and school holidays. I have a Labradoodle dog called Harper who is very gentle and hypoallergenic. she loves to greet the children on their arrival and loves watching the children from a distance.

I have a large playroom with a range of appropriate age toys. children choose what toys and recourses they would like to play with. i have a large garden with slide / climbing frame and outside toys. The garden is enclosed with a double bolted gate so safe and secure. we also go out to groups and interact with lots o other childminders and their children and do daytime activities like walks in the woods, parks and picnics and lots of other wonderful things.

My Setting

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 8 - 5.30, All year round


I offer funding


i do not offer school runs anymore.


Inspection Reports

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